SYDNEY, Sept 8 -  This is leading to students feeling worried and underprepared, and many are seeking options to help them study more effectively for the final exams.

Founder of HSC Sprint, Louisa Mackay, said with these statistics it’s no wonder 77 per cent of students are worried about not getting good HSC marks and 71 per cent of students are concerned about being underprepared for the final exams.

“HSC students have told us that the biggest distractions when studying at home are their mobiles and social media. TV is also a contributing factor with video games ranking highly, particularly for boys,” she said.

To avoid distractions, over half of HSC students believe going to a place where other people are studying would help them focus, as well as attending structured learning sessions with a teacher or tutor.

“Environment plays a big part in ensuring students are making the most of their study time. The final exams make up 50 per cent of their overall HSC mark, so it’s critical students maximise their time in the final weeks,” Mackay said.

“It’s clear that what will help students study more effectively is being around other people who are studying, and attending sessions with teachers and tutors.

“However, the best advice I can give students is put your mobiles away when you’re studying to give yourself the best chance of success.”

To help students boost their exam confidence and results, HSC Sprint is offering two day programs for Maths and English in the upcoming Sept/Oct 2017 school holidays. HSC students who are sitting the final exams in 2017 can access HSC teachers and markers in small workshops, and attend semi-private tutoring sessions, in a combined program.

“We’ve designed a program that offers students the support they need right now to take their performance to a new level. There’s no other program like ours that combines access to leading HSC teachers and markers with the personal attention offered in our tutoring sessions,” Mackay added.

Top study tips from HSC Sprint:


  1. Turn off your phone or put it on ‘do not disturb’. Put your devices away as well as your computer so you’re not tempted to look at FaceBook, Snapchat or YouTube. Wait until you’ve achieved something before you check out social media.
  2. Download a social media lock-out app. Lots of students are using apps that lock them out of social media on their phones and laptops for a time period they choose. This means the temptation is removed altogether. 
  3. Find a quiet study spot. Tell your family what your plans are so they won’t knock on the door. If home has too many distractions, think about another location like a library or join a study program.
  4. Get physically ready. Have something healthy to eat, use the bathroom and fill up your water bottle before you get started. 
  5. Study in bursts. Break your time up into small chunks. It helps you stay focused, fresh and motivated, knowing you’re never too far away from a break.
  6. Complete past papers to time. The best learning is through doing, and time yourself completing a past HSC exam paper. Don’t spend too much time on making notes.